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Quinleighblu Golden Retrievers

The Quintessential Golden - Mind, Body and Spirit!

Welcome to Steeler's page


Quinleighblu 3 Rivers Steeler CD RAE

NUMBER 4 Golden in Rally Obedience 2011!!!

Steeler is "Mr Light Blue" from the Denver Tagg litter. 

Luckily he doesn't live with me!  No more rug rats bugging me! I've been told he's is quite the little trouble maker and has taken to being called "My Handsome Boy" and "Mr. Wiggles" by his "mom" Frances, apparently his behind just doesn't stop wagging!! .Tennis balls are obviously his favourite toy !    He lives France and Luna.  Steeler has produced some very pretty puppies the last 3 years!

You can check our Steeler's pedigree here!

Currently Steeler has graduated puppy school with flying colours and has started level one.  He is even learning "Roll Over".  Currently Steeler is working on level 3 in


His mom Frances is hoping to have his CD title this year!  Good Luck Steeler and Frances!

Here are some phots of his first swimming lesson ! 

Steeler just loves to swim! OK, well maybe splash is a better word! These were taken the long weekend in May at Snyder's Flats.  He certainly had fun!

Steeler is also in two TV commercials.  You can see him in the AIC Financial Commercial, as well as one TV commercial and poster for Reitman's new summer line. Check your local store for the poster, and check your TV for the new commercial!

Steeler and Frances entered the London Canine show this past weekend, October 12th-14th!  Even though they were not successful, they sure looked like they had fun!

Here they are getting ready for the 30 second sit stay.

Here they are doing the 30 second sit.

And here he is smiling.  Is it any wonder his mom calls him Handsome Boy?


Here is an updated picture of Steeler!  This was taken last weekend while he tried dock diving for the first time!



Here is Steeler pouting... Apparently Frances made him sit, when all he wanted to do was play in the snow!!!

I should really teach him to pout.. He still has a thing or two he could learn from me!


Steeler and Frances travelled to the Golden Retriever National Specialty in Rhode Island in September, and wouldn't you know it?  He got his first leg on his American CD!!!  Here is a shot of him in the down, he is doing a very good impression of a cow!  Apparently the grass is Rhode Island is MUCH greener and tastier than here in Canada!



Well wouldn't you just know it!  Steeler was strutting his stuff for the Chatham (Kent Kennel Club) show in April 2009  He was determined to show everyone that not only is he handsome, but he is also smart!

Steeler received his first title, his PCD (Pre-novice CD). He and Frances are certainly proud. Sheesh! You would think no one has gotten a title before.  Those young pups, I really need to teach them a thing or two.....

 Anyways, here they are... Aren't they looking proud?

Congrats Frances and Steeler for all your hard work!  Now, onto the CD...


Well, Steeler figured that since he could do the PCD, the CD would be the next step, and wouldn't you know it?? Steeler and Frances accomplished it!

Steeler and Frances achieved his Companion Dog title at Credit Valley Dog show at Campaign Dog Academy on April 5th!

Big congrats to this team for their accomplishment! 
Now, onto the CDX!

Steeler and Frances decided that they were going to give Rally a try, and wouldn't you know it? They got their RN title in three straight!

They even got an RA leg without any prior training on he RA signs!! Way to go!!!


So Frances and Steeler got their RAE Title this year!!

Number 4 Golden in Canada for Rally Obedience !!

Nice job!


Frances and her "boy" will be training for their CDX and trying their hand at field training and maybe get Frances to take him into the field!! Of course they still will be competing in the Rally ring.



This has been a productive for this stud muffin but next year will be a year of action hopefully in the field with Helen and in the obedience ring with Frances!!


2014 has not been kind to Frances or Steeler!

We lost Steeler to suspected Rat poisin Easter Weekend.

As luck would have it Steeler had been bred to Luna and she had two boys!

Steeler's son named Titan whose full name includes a "Leap of Faith" is now living with Frances.  

I am sure Titan will make his dad proud one day!



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