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This is Jaxson's page

Jaxson, also known as "CH Stonecrest-QLB Just Jaxsonville CD" was born on October 17, 2005 and came to us all the way from California!  A big thank you to Sherry Brothers of Stonecrest Goldens in California for this new "pain in my butt" - LOL!!!  He is going to be a blast when he gets bigger!  Who am I kidding, he is a blast now!!!!!!  He too is living with Emerson, Shannon and Jason and is a big, sweet teddy bear that loves to play! 

His mom Shannon and Jaxson got his CD November 24th 2007 and finished with a High in Class..He  finish his Championship at Kilbride Kennel Show in August 2008. Helen has tried him in the field..he is a natural.. looks like he is going to get his JH and WC next year..me, I like resting these old bones and leaving all the work to the youngsters!

Jaxson's Pedigree


My (Emerson's) Update on the new housemate:

Jaxson is proving to be quite the pain in my butt! 

He is quite the instigator and is getting me into trouble for all kinds of things he's done!

But, as he gets older, he is starting to grow on me and we have become pretty good pals!

After all, we are man's (or baby's) best friends and we have to stick together!

He is almost getting as handsome as I am at 5 1/2 months old now....

...I may have to be the tough guy in our house, but even I can't resist a mug like this?

Here are some updated pictures of or handsome Jaxson!


Check out our Brags page for Jaxson's progress in the show ring!

Water Rat!!

You just have to see these photos, they are the funniest thing ever!  Jaxson tried to take to water like a duck but not so sure he succeeded!!  Doesn't he know I am the master of all things water?

Does he look like a drowned rat or what?

Well he managed to find the bumper.....

"I'm coming, I'm coming......"

".... where'd it go?"

".....getting tired, am I at the shore yet?"

".... ah, water in the eyes - I can't see, I can't see!!!  Where's the shore?"

Looks like he managed the second attempt at the bumper a little better!
Not bad for his first water run, but can I show him a thing or two!!!


Jaxson has  been retired due to Pigmentary Uveitis and is now enjoying life as Mason's best friend!

November 24, 2007

Jaxson got his CD (Companion Dog) title today!!!!!!  He got it with only 3 tries at 3 legs!  The last leg was a High in Class!!  Way to go big guy!!!  Let's see how he does in the field trial tomorrow.

August 9, 2008

Jaxson got his Canadian Championship today!  Yeah, we always knew he had it in him!!!!  Way to go Jaxson!! 

Jaxson has  been retired due to Pigmentary Uveitis and is now enjoying life as Mason's best friend!


Jaxson is now the best friend to Mason, Addison and Coleson!!  He is the best pull toy around the house!!




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