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What Fun!

So in August 2010 Helen took 3 of the "kids" dock diving.  It certainly looks like they had fun jumping off the 8 foot high dock, but I know that I could have shown them a thing or two!

Here is a shot of the dock they jump from.   Whoever jumps the furthest wins!

Here is Keegan showing the "young'ns" how it's done.




And Zoe, showing Keegan that she can keep up with him!




And of course Steeler, even though he is the youngest, had to out jump his grandfather!




They sure looked like they had a lot of fun... If  I were younger, I know I could show them what dock diving was all about! 


 Zoe and Steeler entered their first dock diving competition in Bracebridge.. and Zoe took 2nd place and Steeler took 3rd!  They both earned their first legs in the Big Wave Competition!


Way to go guys!


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