truekeeganpupsnov0804 truekeeganpupsnov0804 True and Keegan Litter born November 8, 2004 True and her crew at 1 day old 24337427 What are these things poking at me? 24337428 Full, fat little puppies at 1week old 24337429 Owe, that hurts! 24337430 Who me? 24337431 The crew at 3 weeks old 24337432 Peek a boo!! 24337433 Just snoozing in the tunnel 24337434 No this picture is not turned the wrong way! This little boy is sacked out upside down in the crate! 24337435 What a face!! 24337436 Talk about deer in the headlights! 24337437 The wet look! 24337438 All lined up so pretty! 24337439 Just kicking back, relaxing 24337440 Can we get out of jail yet? 24337441 Please Dad, can I chase your tail? 24337442 Who's coming? 24337443 Come on son, let's see what ya got! 24337444 Tackle him guys, he's down for the count! 24337445