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The Quintessential Golden - Mind, Body and Spirit!

This is MY page....
I, Quincey, am the first Golden Retriever the Lackey family had. I am the reason they are so hooked on this breed. My formal name is Sherhaven Quintessential M.D. Can CDX WC JH AmCD (the M.D. stands for My Dog). They say I am the best of everything! I work hard at proving this to them over and over again. I have my Canadian CDX, WC and JH and my American CD. We were working on my utility title when old bones forced me into semi-retirement. I still do veterans obedience (no jumping).

Me as a puppy - Am I cute or what?

I tried tracking but it's no fun without a crowd to cheer you on!  My bones may be old but the rest of me is still ruling the roost here at Quinleighblu.

Quincey and I made that last step together in March 2009. I miss him dearly but will always be so grateful that he came into my life as my best friend and he left behind the"Quinleighblu" legacy.  Without him there would not be a Quinleighblu Kennel!  He was and always will be the best of what a golden can be !  For that reason Quincey will always be the tour guide for Quinleighblu and will always own my heart..Miss you Quincey!




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