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The QLB Family!

Welcome to the QLB Family Page! 

This page is filled with pictures of our QLB family and their new families!



Meet Busa! Busa is a very handsome boy that is loved by Rachel. 

Busa is "Mr. Teal" from the Denver x Tagg litter!  Isn't he handsome!!


This is Cara, she lives and is adored by Ninaa and Naeem. 

Cara is a Denver x Jaxson kid and loves to show off her swimming and retrieving skills, making her furry mom and dad very proud!!

 This is JD!  JD is a Kayleigh x Keegan kid (now thats going back a few years!)

JD is loved by Keith and family.  Here he is trying to convince anyone who will look at him to come sit beside him to pet and cuddle him!  You know you want to!!!!


 Meet Hudson and Bently!

Both of these guys are Denver Kids, and are loved by Judi and her family!

Dont they look happy!!

Meet Harley!  Harley is a Denver daughter from the Denver x Brew Litter.

Here she is showing her "mom" that she thinks she is a much prettier garden gnome!

Monkey see Monkey do!

Meet Kinsey!  Kinsey is a True x Keegan daughter from the November 8th, 2004 litter.

Here she is cuddling on the couch with her bestest friend Julia... Aren't they cute??

Meet Sam!  Sam is a Denver x Kazaam kid who lives with Joel and family. 

He even has his own Christmas stocking!  Here he is showing off the he was indeed a good boy this year!

This is Lexy!  She is one of the newest QLB Family members as she joined us Friday June 12th!

Lexy is a Cassie x Buzz daughter and is getting spoiled and loved by the Schmitt family.


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